About De'an:

My own life is my personal laboratory of the human condition and transformation, and over the past 31 years I have continuously and relentlessly worked and experimented on myself. Fields I have explored include human dynamics, cathartic release work, energy work, tantra, communication, healing, mens' work, breath work, shamanism, coaching, magic, sacred medicine, meditation, dance & Biodanza. I have run ”Biodanza Heart in Motion” teacher training schools for years in Norway and UK, and have taken this powerful work to Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Holland, Sweden, Croatia, New Zealand and Ibiza, Spain.

Who we are

LoveCore grew into being over the past few years and is

the brainchild of De'an Matuka. Our approach to personal

development is a combination of all the techniques, knowledge

and wisdom collected over his 31 years of study and work in the

fields of healing, transformation and sexuality.


The vision and purpose of LoveCore is to spread happiness, joy

and healing in the world by using different ways of activating life

force energy in the body, expanding the boundaries we set for ourselves, exposing hidden power, and transforming fear into action, stagnant energy into healthy flow, and shadow into light.


Our team is very skilled and experienced in creating a rich, safe, loving and joyful space for people to express and reveal their true self. 


We have a lot of experience in dealing with the scars and wounds of life, understanding how important it is to work within a strong container of love while doing transformative work.

De'an, founder of LoveCore