“I have never felt this much alive! Truly amazing, really a life changing experience.” -Petri



We specialise in deep emotional release work, or "de-armouring".


De-armouring is a deep cleansing of the body, releasing various pains stored in your body and heart and leaving you deeply relaxed, soft, velvety, and vibrant; open to your feelings and inner wisdom; and free of stuck emotions, unhealthy patterns, and old pain.


How does ‘armour’ build? 

Stress or 'armour' accumulates through childhood trauma, everyday stress, dealing with our partners and their emotional issues, fears, painful experiences in life, the emotional wounds of past sexual relationships, karmic pains, and much more. Eventually, if not dealt with, this armour will manifest in dis-ease, a painful and tired body, a lack of vitality or the will to live, depression, lethargy, or any number of other ills.


De’armouring heals those wounds and releases stuck energy. The results can be life-changing and permanent.


How does a de’armouring session work?

External de-armouring works on the outside of the body while internal de-armouring works on the yoni (vagina), the anus and the throat. Conversation-based de-armouring, on the other hand, uses coaching and talk-therapy to probe, touch and help you express your 'pain body' through words and sounds.


At the initial consultation we will establish your needs and design the session together. It may include coaching and talk-therapy, external bodywork, and/or internal bodywork. 


De’armouring sessions can be just a one-off, usually lasting around two-four hours, or it may take a few months of consistent and committed collaboration between us.  


We may agree that you one-to-one sessions would suit you best (with a male or female bodyworker, depending on which you would prefer), or we may agree that you would benefit from having more then one person working with you at once.  As well as individual sessions, couples can receive treatments at the same time.



De-armouring or Deep Emotional Release