As a man living in the modern world you are under constant pressure to perform and to deliver. This, combined with your upbringing, lack of understanding and support for your feelings, being ridiculed or bullied for showing your emotions, or just bluntly being laughed at by your mates for being "weak" or a "pussy", makes you shut down and bottle up your natural, human and god-given right to feel.


With time and constant neglect, you start turning sour and become 'emotional time bomb'. This results in sickness, poor performance, low sexual libido, premature ejaculation, or becoming angry and violent man. This is not nature's design. You were not born to be like this, and you can change it.


Once you start de-armouring and releasing these bottled-up emotions and feelings within the safe and loving container we offer, you will start feeling like a new man.


The benefits of external de’armouring:

- Be full of power

- Feel present and switched on

- Be grounded and relaxed in your body

- Feel confident and calm

- Achieve full-body orgasms

- And be potent like a lion in the sexual arena!!



Anal de-armouring:

Anal de-armouring is especially important for men's health and sexual potency. If the anal sphincter is armoured it will hold fears, shame and guilt, and will be physically tight.  As such, it will act as a 'road block' for life force energy or 'kundalini' to travel through the body. So, once you get excited and sexual energy increases, if your anus is tight the energy will follow the path of least resistance and will flow out of your body as ejaculation, so releasing the pressure.  


Once you start removing that armour and relaxing the sphincter, the energy will be able to flow up into the spine instead and re-energise your whole system with its power. It will enable you to last much longer without ejaculating, thus helping with premature ejaculation problems, and will open the door for experiencing full-body orgasm.



Penis de-armouring:

If you never had your penis de-armoured it is most likely that it holds a lot of unnecessary tension. It is your most vulnerable body part, and due to shame, guilt, ridicule, and bullying, it can hold stress and tension, contract, shrink in size, or become insensitive or overly sensitive.


The benefits of penis de-armouring:

- keeping your penis hard, alive, sensitive and potent

- increasing its size

- increasing your confidence as a lover and a man

- helping you with different types of sexual dysfunctions

- helping you become a better lover.


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