We live in a busy, masculine-run world, and women often experience enormous daily pressure and stress caused by the need to work and be financially independent, raise children and build a home, support your partner, all the while trying to fit in exercise, joy and adventure! This can cause stress to your body, heart and mind. 


Then there are more intimate problems like pain during love-making, lack of feeling and sensitivity (possibly numbness) in your yoni (vagina), pain or numbness in your g-spot and cervix, or inability or difficulty to orgasm (see yoni (vagina) de-armouring below).  


The benefits of external de’armouring:

- release pains stored in your body and heart

- feel much more relaxed and vibrant 

- open your body and heart to your feelings and inner wisdom

- increase your confidence.



Yoni (vagina) de-armouring:

Yoni de-armouring is not a yoni or tantric massage, and it's not designed to pleasure you. Sometimes referred to as 'sacred spot' healing, this is a powerful healing process that will help you remove any pain held there. 


Symptoms of an armoured yoni include:

- Hard tissue along the walls of the vagina

- Small grain-like lumps

- Numb areas or total numbness

- Dryness

- Lack of sensitivity

- Contracted and hard inner muscles

- A hard and overly sensitive cervix

- Pain during love-making

- Inability to experience deep vaginal, G-spot and full body orgasms

- No orgasms at all

- A need to rub your clitoris as the only way to climax.


If you have any of these symptoms, your yoni is in a need of de-armouring. This loving process may take more than one session, depending on how much amour there is, and it's different for every woman.


Benefits of yoni de’armouring:

The less armour your yoni holds, the more open, youthful, sexy and vibrant you'll look and feel.  After internal de-armouring you will feel: 

- soft

- velvety

- juicy

- sensitive

- readily moist for love-making

- able to feel deeper pleasure all over your body and in your heart

- and much, much more.




For Women