Why LoveCore?

Express your hidden power

LoveCore will help you remove layers of the protection and social masks you carry, let go of shame and guilt, and leave you powerful, confident and sexy.

Create amazing relationships

We teach advanced communication skills. They will be yours to use every day, helping you create loving and empowering relationships wherever you go. 

Grow up

LoveCore will show you how to take charge of your life, claim your right to say yes and no, master your integrity, and stand strong on your own two feet.

Trust your guts

LoveCore teaches you to trust your inner guidance and wisdom, so you're not easily manipulated. Sometimes people use trickery and games to make you work for their advantage. This process of re-learning to trust your guts is vital to living aligned with your life purpose.

Get into your body

Your life can be ruled by your mind. Here you reconnect with deeper wisdom within. Through increased body awareness you can live a heart centered and powerful life, intuitively making decisions that support your growth. Being fully present in your body is also essential for great lovemaking.


Social mastery

Focusing on the "allowing" part of relating, we teach you to become masterful at creating connections. You'll learn how to be present to another so they open to you and let you close to their heart, a useful quality to have in both your personal and business relationships. 

Open your heart

LoveCore’s main purpose is accessing, practicing & expanding your capacity to love. This is at the core of all we do. 

If you're into personal transformation, LoveCore is for you! 


Our direct approach flows between relentlessly and lovingly confronting your ego and limiting beliefs, while having fun with it. 

We offer workshops, retreats and bodywork sessions in UK, Holland, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ibiza, Spain.

Awaken your loving, powerful and authentic self

LoveCore de-armouring

session in action

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Dearmouring training

In-depth training into body

dearmouring and sexual healing techniques.


De-armouring Tutorials

Online training in dearmouring