11 day training! An in-depth journey into body de-armouring and sexual healing techniques.

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In-depth journey into body de-armouring and sexual healing techniques. During the retreat, you will be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on practice in releasing emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body in a healthy, loving and safe way.

Led and held by De'an Matuka, Sanna Sanita and Susanne Roursgaard, all dedicated to bringing transformation to their clients with many years of experience as practitioners, workshop leaders and coaches. Supported by a team of highly skilled space holders.

The nature of de-armouring is such that learning it requires participants to receive a number of sessions, to practise on others, and to study and learn the theory. For that reason this training will be very intense, and at times will feel like a mixture of a workshop and a practitioners training.

Who is this retreat for:
The prerequisite for attendance to this training is either personal or professional experience in bodywork, tantra, or energy-work.
We invite professional bodyworkers, sexual healers, tantric masseuses, tantric practitioners, and anyone else who is serious about learning de-armouring.

You will be taught:
- A safe and responsible way of de-armouring a body.
- How to invite the body to open deeply:

  a way of working where instead of using force to push through the armour you simply invite the 

  body to open,   and follow it's impulses until it takes you right down to it's full depth effortlessly.
- External and internal body de-armouring:
  whole body including lingam, yoni, cervix, anus and throat.
- TRE method (or self-dearmouring):
  Powerful and effective tool to use on yourself to heal trauma, balance the nervous system,

  release chronic tension and harmonise the psoas muscle.
- Theory of de-armouring:
  going deep into all the important aspects of it, giving you hours of hard core knowledge.
- Ethics and responsibilities:
  getting you to fully understand the depth of responsibility when it comes to doing this kind of 

  work, teaching you essential procedures and practices to make sure your sessions are safe and

  effective on all levels.
- Pressure points:
  where to touch, how & why. There are many points on the body, and many ways of touching it,

  that can facilitate the opening and the healing process.
- Energy work:
  how to activate the energy in the body and use it within the session
- Session space setting:
  how to create a safe, emotionally and spiritually connected energy container within which you

  offer your sessions.
- Wheel of Consent:
  teaching you/your clients how to communicate and act with integrity and clarity
- Empowerment techniques:
  how to support yourself and others in taking full responsibility for your experiences in life.
- Space holding:
  showing you and teaching you many aspects of the space holding skill
- Sensual massage:
  it is necessary to know how to touch the body in a sensuous way as this is a part of every

  de-armouring session.
- Raising sexual energy:
  how to arouse a body into ecstatic pleasure, learning erogenous zones and specific points

  externally and internally.
- Advanced body reading:
  how to know what someones body said to you? We'll teach you to read it like an open book.
- Reparenting: 
  the theory of re-parenting; what are mama/papa issues; recognising early childhood patterns

  and how to work with them.

We'll offer you:
- A certificate of Attendance.
- Rich daily programme mixing learning and practicing.
- Full length demonstrations of each process we teach.
- Around 40 hours of supervised practice time.
- One to one tuition and support at all times, day and night.
- A manual of de-armouring
- Highly nutritious vegetarian food.
- Time to relax in stunning nature around the centre


Once participants complete this Basic training they have access to Further levels of the training (Level 2, 3 & 4), designed to deepen their knowledge and skills, and keep them progressing on the path of becoming solid de-armouring practitioners. 

Date: 15th – 25th May 2018

Retreat starts at 6pm sharp on 15th. Retreat ends 4pm on 25th. You are welcome to arrive a day early, and stay over on 25th (you need to leave the premises by 10am on 26th). Each extra night is €40 .

Location & accommodation:

Beautiful location in the middle of stunning Estonian countryside 
Accommodation is in double and 4 people per room.

Investment; €2,150
(included; accommodation, food and teachings)

To secure your place we require €800 non-refundable deposit.

Full payment by 15th April 2018.

To register
contact or send mail to: info@dearmouringtraining.com

Sanna Sanita - www.sannasanita.com
De'an Matuka - www.lovecore.me, www.dearmour.com
Susanne Roursgaard - https://www.facebook.com/roursgaard

15th - 25th May 2018, Estonia

Basic De-armouring training