Induction Experience

Holland, 23 - 29 March 2020


… a powerful and life-changing 6-day experience designed to de-armour you and help you empower your life from within.

• You'll go through many processes and experiences that will help you let go of your armour and

  provide healing.
• You'll learn great tools for your everyday life that will help you transform the quality of all your

• The total experience will touch you deeply in many aspects of your Being, producing lasting



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This experience is for you if you:
◦ Wish to do personal healing work, become more empowered, get to know yourself more, let go of old

  habits and limiting patterns, and open to more freedom.
◦ Want to release and clear stuck/blocked emotions and unwanted patterns of behaviour and being.
◦ Need sexual healing.
◦ Are ready to transform your life.
◦ Have little or no previous experience in any kind of bodywork, energy work or tantra.
◦ Have some experience in receiving bodywork, energy work, or tantra and want to expand on that

◦ Are considering entering the world of sexual healing and body de-armouring as a practitioner but need

  more depth and skills to attend our practitioner trainings.
◦ Have completed one of our trainings and wish to peel more layers and boost yourself further.
◦ Are a professional bodyworker, sexual healer, tantric massage therapist, or a practitioner of other healing
  modalities and wish to deepen your personal container.


Program includes:
- One on one processing daily
- Emotional release & healing that will leave you lighter and clearer than ever before.
- Basics of body de-armouring: Practice and understanding of emotional patterns and how to work with

- Boundary setting: Understanding and clarifying your boundaries in relating and life in general.
- Sexual healing techniques
- Internal de-armouring yoni/lingam
- Introduction to energy work: Learn about energy orgasms, activation points and keys to more pleasure.
- Space holding basics: How to create a space of trust, safety and relaxation for another so they surrender

  and show up in deep vulnerability. Becoming aware of the power of the “space” you create.
- Trust and surrender: Practising ways to open to divinity and your hearts longing.
- Breath work: You’ll be taught powerful breathing techniques to help you access deep layers of your being.
- Masculine/Feminine polarity: Get to know deeper parts of yourself and discover the power of embracing

  feminine and masculine polarities.
- Non-verbal communication: Helping you become socially masterful, eloquent and confident.
- Group sharing


23 - 29 March 2020


Venwoude, Holland

Includes workshop, accommodation and food


  • €1,390 Double room

  • €1,490 Single room

Payment plan possible, contact us for support.
To secure your place we require €400 non-refundable deposit. Full payment by 20 February 2020

To register send mail to:

Cancellations policy:
If you pay in full and cancel your participation before 20 February 2020 we will refund your money minus €400 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after 20 February 2020 we will NOT refund any money to you.



Dearmouring practitioner & co-founder of “Dearmouring Training”. My own life is my personal laboratory of the human condition and transformation. Over the past 34 years I have continuously and relentlessly worked and experimented on myself. Fields I have explored include human dynamics, cathartic release work, energy work, tantra, communication, healing, mens’ work, breath work, shamanism, coaching, magic, sacred medicine, meditation, dance & Biodanza.

Tantra and de-armouring teacher (co-founder of the “Dearmouring Training”), embodiment and empowerment expert & spiritual amplifier. Sanna is passionate human potential & spiritual awakening and all her work goes under the umbrella of liberation. She believes in living fully freely embodied as a human being and cultivate deep relationship with source. Currently, Sanna travels the world, sharing various forms such as tantra, de-armouring, spiritual awakening, empowered living through private sessions, trainings, workshops and seminars. She is a power house of love and joy, she holds a space with much humour and at times fierce love.


One of our participants said: … "I have just returned from the most intense, powerful, exhausting, exhilarating, loving, juicy, and transformational retreat. An experience that I can honestly say has changed my life.”… Lucy