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"I have just returned from the most intense, powerful, exhausting, exhilerating, loving, juicy, sexy and transformational retreat. An experience that I can honestly say has changed my life."

- Lucy 


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“Your workshop has exploded me!! … In a very good way. I feel that I’m more myself, and I know what kind of reality I want and will live” - Miila



“I want to tell you that the outcome from our session few weeks ago is quite extraordinary. More than I could possibly have imagined. A swift catalytic shift occurring. It took some days to integrate, and I was dazed and even ill for a while afterwards. I still don’t remember what we actually did in the session. And I was like a robot for the rest of that day! Such huge integration. Parts of the personality I used to be have simply fallen away. I don’t feel it is the place to explain more here … too much to try to describe… But my body is shedding weight spontaneously. I am more functional and focused. And so much lighter. The pain and inflammation and restriction in the movement is fading away… I am walking without a stick! Everything is simply unravelling spontaneously and new expression emerging. Your presence and focus were catalytic. Enabling a space of purity and truth where much superfluous archeology simply dissolved. So much gratitude!” - Jeanette



"I cannot express the pure feelings of joy, bliss, calm & love I feel right now. I cannot stop smiling & feeling so grateful to be alive! I feel strong, I feel powerful, I feel vibrant & sexy.. Thank you so much.” - Hannah



"De'an, I am deeply inspired by your powerful masculine presence. You explained very clearly and authenticly that presence is only possible if you break with all the bullshit and fakeness in your life and dare to be brutally honest. And that if you don't start right now, you are again bullshitting yourself and others. I really got how you ended your life in the comfort zone, dared to jump into the world of being totally real and honest, exposing yourself emotionally, being vulnerable, cleaning up all painfull things from the past, restoring integrity and holding that.
I also see a lot of love and compassion in you. And you are very human, not feeling better than others. It is your unique combination of attractive masculine presence, loving care and not rating yourself that has strongly inspired me." - Dimitri



" I want to share again my deep gratitude to you De’an. Even a month later I feel your workshop is still tremendously transforming my life. I could not imagine it will have such an impact on me. I remember your words before starting the workshop : «You will do things you would never have imagined to do, and you will never be the same after this workshop.» You were 200% right. And that's only the beginning. Acceptance, proudness of who I am, my being, my feelings, my body, my emotions, my story… Things are getting clearer and clearer. I gained honesty with myself and others, and it feels so juicy. Now I dare to do and to say things no matter how people react. I feel I jumped a little bit further into life and it feels great. This new confidence, in life and myself is really precious. I feel I have gained lightness and joy. I really understand what means "a grown up attitude", and it's so powerful and soothing. You’re a real alchemist transforming darkness into love and light, thanks for sharing your talents and heart. Love and hug to you. " - Barbara 



“It was an extremely transforming experience of unconditional love. Thank you De’an, and all the participants. See you soon!” - David



“Thank you for amazing and life changing weekend. It was a really healing experience for me, accepting myself and my sexuality and me as a whole person. Not caring anymore what other people think of me. The biggest thing was that my NO was heard and respected that I’m in charge of my own body. And getting rid of the shame. Something really opened up in my body, I let it happen by trusting myself, life and the people. You helped me to trust the energies, trust myself and take responsibility. Letting go of the fear that I will loose my mind and that there is something wrong with me, because I’m really sexual and feminine woman. That it’s ok to be soft and vulnerable” - Tiina



“De’an creates a safe space of love and intimacy in which each person is given the tools to release from social constraints and learn how to express themselves authentically. The workshops he gives are not only some of the best I have ever been to, but also empower the individual to continue on this heart opening journey with simple techniques and exercises. I highly recommend trying this for yourself ” - Samira